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Annotated Bibliography Example

Annotated Bibliography Example Annotated Bibliography Example A good annotated bibliography example should basically consist of citations to articles, books and documents used for writing a paper. A good annotated bibliography example should also contain a brief, evaluative and descriptive paragraph which is the annotation. This will inform the reader about the accuracy and the relevance of the sources that are used for a paper. An example of an annotated bibliography should basically have the above mentioned details. Example of a annotated bibliography will actually help one understand this better. Where one can find an example of annotated bibliography apa format, one can also find an annotated bibliograpy example in the mla format. Both these are fine examples of annotated bibliographies. Annotated Bibiography Sample The annotated bibliography samples clearly show the steps that need to be followed while writing an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography examples also show that writing a good sample of annotated bibliography will require concise exposition, library research and succinct analysis. A good sample of an annotated bibliography will also show that it is helpful to get different perspectives about the same topic from different books. The ideal example of an annotated bibliography can be either in American Psychological Association style or in modern language association style. An example of an annotated bibliography should also contain a good summary of the main scope and theme of the source that is used. An annotated bibliography example should be such that it gives a good analysis of the authenticity and background of authors which will inform the reader of the bibliography of the quality of the source. A good annotated bibliography example should also reveal that the work of a particular author has been compared with the books of other cited authors. This shows that the paper written does not contain only one perspective but many perspectives. A good annotated bibliography example will also show how the particular source is useful in the entire paper that you have written. A good annotated bibliography example will also contain background information about the author. This information for a good annotated bibliography example can be got through biographical reference and also through book reviews.

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Essay on Classical Counts - 2195 Words

The music sways and sweeps itself through the mind of the listener. The piano, percussion instrument, violin and other choice instruments come together to form a musical fantasy. The positive effects of classical music on a person’s mental well-being can be shown through a fetus in the uterus, premature infants, and developing children due to the Mozart effect assisting in providing benefits that positively influence human life. So for an individual to help his or herself or their future child place in a Mozart mix and let the stress stray away and the rhythm and music of classical music seep into the brain’s pores. Classical music can be described as one of the more traditional genres of music. This genre of music helps provide a†¦show more content†¦Some everyday examples of rhythm responses include are a person’s breathing pulse and the way a baby cries. Some of these effects are short term while others are long term effects (O’Donnell). In an article titled â€Å"Psychology of Classical Music† information assisted in supporting the Mozart effect. There is a composer that has proved to take rhythmically breath away of researchers. The composer’s rhythm that has taken researchers into a backseat slumber is the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s composed pieces of music have been subjected to studies. His musical effects on the human have sparked a domino effect of new research. In recent time the Mozart effect has become subjected to studies on teenager’s brain functions. This composer’s musical fantasies work their way through the minds of the students at the same time the student’s instructions on keyboarding and musical skills continue. Mozart’s music specifically began being tested upon the effects of what this type of genre music did to the brain. The conclusion of the research showed that when students took some sort of musical tra ining course or were instructed to learn Mozart melodies, they scored approximately thirty percent higher on some type of spatial temporal reasoning. More specifically, this type of spatial reasoning is specifically designed for solving problemsShow MoreRelatedLouis Armstrong And Duke Ellington804 Words   |  4 Pagesfrom New Orleans and I feel closer to him. Before Armstrong had a great influenced on jazz music there was the Dixieland. So, before Louis Armstrong came around everyone was playing the Dixieland style of music. Dixieland style was more of the classical orchestrated structures. Within the bad everyone knew their roles and that wasn’t change. Everyone knew that the Bass was there for the low-pitched walking baseline which outlined the harmony. That the piano provided the syncopated commentary alongRead MoreTuberculosis As A Lethal Disease1388 Words   |  6 Pagesthe end of the 19th century, is known by many as the most influential vampire novel to ever be written. Dracula introduces the vampire Count Dracula, who seduces and manipulates others in his journey from Transylvania to London, thereby creating enemies in the process who attempt to defeat this creature. In many ways, Dracula symbolizes the transformation of classical vampirism to modern vampirism in literature. By the end of the 19th century, the time period when Dracula was written, the real fearRead MoreWomen in The Count of Monte Cristo973 Words   |  4 PagesWomen in The Count of Monte Cristo possess unique personalities, but intensely similar restrictions. Currently, women in the United States, as well as other countries, are able to have jobs, travel, and participate in many other activities that the ladies Dumas portrays are not allowed to. Feminist analysis of this book reveals the ways of the time and the delicate balance of society’s typical structure. In The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas realistically conveys that when women violate theirRead MoreMusic Makes Children Smarter : Music Essay1610 Words   |  7 Pagesof our brain had a major role that can progress to become intellectual when exposed to classical music, and later on, was exposed to another conclusion, that classical music, only has rapid effect in specific amount of time. Professors and theorists dispute with disagreement that listening to clas sical music is uncertain and does not necessarily make people smarter. Listening to other music other than classical, however, was proven to be more effective. Harmony Project is a nonprofit organizationRead MoreThe Little Albert Experiment And Classical Conditioning858 Words   |  4 Pagesof his talents pendants, tendencies, abilities, vocations and race of his ancestors. Watson had a plan as to what he wanted to accomplish. He new what his goals were. He had a plan as to how he wanted to conduct the Little Albert Experiment and Classical Conditioning. Watson believed that psychology shoed be seen as a purely objective experimental branch of natural science, he wanted to see the prediction and control of behavior not just the understanding of the mind (Mcleod, 2008). The Little AlbertRead MoreIs A Phobia Is An Anxiety Disorder?863 Words   |  4 Pagesbody both know that the chemotherapy is coming and so anxiety begins early, producing nausea. For this occurrence, the chemotherapy treatment is the unconditioned stimulus and the nausea is the unconditioned response. During the second phase of classical conditioning, going to the office becomes the conditioned stimulus and nausea remains as the conditioned response. In the case of the food association, a classically conditioned dislike for (and avoidance of) a particular food can develop when becomingRead MoreBenefits And Limitations Of A Physical Education Learning Theory1351 Words   |  6 Pages(Jarvis, Holford and Griffin, 2003). Psychologist, John B. Watsonoriginated the theory of behaviourism. Watsons view on the theory was to only concern itself with the study of behaviour. Watson s work was based on the experiments of Ivan Pavlov, and classical conditioning. (Ausabel, 2012).It is believed that if a behavioural pattern is repeated, it eventually becomes automatic. Behavioural theorist’s view the learning process as a passive activity and believe that knowledge is given (Marton Booth, 1997Read MoreTerm Dance1063 Words   |  5 Pagespoints There are only two levels in which a choreographer can have the dancers move. Selected Answer: True Question 24 0 out of 2 points In order for the dancers to stay together while dancing, all dances have to be created to specific counts. Selected Answer: True Question 25 0 out of 2 points The three main choreographic elements of dance are: (select all that apply) creativity Question 26 0 out of 2 points One barre exercise called ____________________ is alsoRead MoreThe Effect Of Conditioned Response On Hr Student s Name Institution Abstract1695 Words   |  7 Pagesheart rate. The study used 56 participants mean age 24.20 years where 15 were male and 41 were female. The study was purely experimental where the participants were subjected to a specified tone either at rest or when hopping and then were asked to count their heart beat rate using the palpation method. The experiment took place in three phases- pre-test, training and the post-test. Heart rates results for each participant was recorded in each phase and the mean heart rate was calculated for the pre-testRead MoreBiological Constraints in Classical Conditioning1993 Words   |  8 PagesWhat are the biological constraints in Classical Conditioning? Report the procedure and results of two studies supporting your answer. Word count: 1500 words excluding references Abstract A biological constraint in learning theory refers to an inherited tendency to learn and create certain relationships, and it has been said that some species are much more readily than others in learning such behaviour. Therefore it involves the factors which make populations resistant to evolutionary change

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Juvenile Delinquency Is An Integral Part Of Criminology

The greatest asset a nation has is in the form of children which form a major portion of its population. So they should be allowed and provided opportunity to become robust citizens, and to grow up physically fit, mentally alert and morally healthy, being sufficiently endowed with skills and activations needed by the society. Equal opportunities for development to all children during the period of growth should be provided for reducing inequality and ensuring social justice, which in turn would serve as an effective tool to curb delinquency in juveniles. Children are expected to be obedient, respectful and imbibe virtues and good quality in them. Due to various reasons children do not follow settled social and legal dictum. Juvenile delinquency, as a legal concept is of recent origin. Juvenile delinquency is an integral part of criminology. The two cannot be separated since one of the reasons for crime and its continuance into adult life is the ineffective control and treatment of j uveniles. Juvenile delinquency is a big breading centre of criminals. The word delinquency is derived from the Latin word â€Å"delinquere† meaning de i.e. away and linquere i.e. to leave thus, meaning to leave or to abandon. Originally, the word had an objective meaning as it referred to parents who neglected and abandoned their children. In present day, it is used and applied to those children who indulge in wrongful and harmful activities. The term juvenile delinquency applies to violation ofShow MoreRelatedInsight Into Criminal Behavior Essay1735 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Æ' Juvenile exposure to criminal behavior increases the chances that those individuals will also engage in criminal behavior. Research gives us insight to prevent or reduce criminality and rehabilitate violators of the law that engage in criminal behavior. What causes people to commit crimes? Interdisciplinary criminology gives us a better understanding from several fields of study of a better understanding of crime. Influential factors that influence criminal behaviors are psychological, sociologicalRead MoreNotes On Delinquency Prevention Programs4174 Words   |  17 PagesRunning head: DELINQUENCY PREVENTION PROGRAMS 1 16 17 Delinquency Prevention Programs Alton Johnson American Military University Abstract This research paper will describe a variety of delinquency prevention programs as well as why they are beneficial for today?s society. Pivotal questions regarding the purpose of delinquency programs will be addressed through proven and current research. These programs when coupled with increased parental involvement are proven to be moreRead MoreArticle: The Aspect of Delinquency3972 Words   |  16 Pagesï » ¿Part One The aspect of delinquency that I am interested in covering and why society should be concerned with it   I. juvenile delinquency In early 2011 the FBI reported a decrease of 23.5% for juvenile arrests based on total arrests made in 2001 versus 2010 ( In fact, a simple Google search on juvenile crime over the past couple of years looks pretty good on paper and would have us believing that the many programs implemented over the past ten years have finally taken hold and areRead Moreis poverty the main factor affect crime5090 Words   |  21 PagesIntroduction In the essay I’m going to talk about criminology and criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals. Is one social group involved in crime more than other social groups? Crime is an unlawful act punishable by the state, harmful act or omission against the public which the state wishes to prevent and which, upon conviction is punishable by fine, imprisonment and in some countries death. No conduct constitutes a crime unless it is declared criminal in the laws of the countryRead MoreCommunity Policing Models3115 Words   |  12 Pagesby researchers and police departments alike in order to describe the complex set of motivations, intentions, and strategies used to determine policing policy. Police models are central entities of thoughts and ideas on policing, and for the most part there are only a few meaningfully different models (Ponsaers, 2001, p. 470). A brief look at these different models will help to highlight the constituent features of both the community-ori ented and problem-solving models. Aside from the aforementioned

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A Simple and Effective Revitol Anti Aging Cream free essay sample

A Simple and Effective Revitol Anti Aging Cream As time goes by we have more mature and also (ideally) better! Character got its program as well as for particular procedures theres nothing we are able to perform concerning other than possibly worrying! The skin we have begins deteriorating with age. Several signs we see some we dont. Outwardly the skin gets slimmer, will be dropping its flexibility and it is glow. The fat underneath the skin receives thinner as well as output of important natural oils decelerates.The number of nerve endings within the pores and skin is decreasing, the quantity of perspiration glands as well as arteries getting affected too. Each one of these revitol anti aging cream modifications outcome lower your skins capability to cope with sun and also heat publicity hence the epidermis gets damaged. Sunlight harm will be possibly the actual kollagen intensive the templates look and feel. We will write a custom essay sample on A Simple and Effective Revitol Anti Aging Cream or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page It is recognized that excessive experience of Ultra violet rays contributes to more facial lines about the skin we have, more spots as well as the sense is much more rough and also dried up.The particular medical term used for the sun is life cell cream and also even though we could use sunshine display screen along with other products to attenuate this many of us are subjected once in a while to be able to this kind of skin degradation. Unlike exposure to the sun smoking cigarettes is really a skin harmful factor that we can completely manage. Smoking cigarettes establishes a lot more wrinkles as well as facial lines earlier than you should typically buy them inside kollagen intensiv.People who smoke appear older than their non-smoking friends as they grow older too soon. Kin damage only adds-up to all some other health concerns cigarette smoking represent! The irreversible means of getting older contributes to much less receptive bodies: the outer skin will not shed lifeless tissues as fast as that when did, it less elastic because of lowering levels of life cell cream. Were not yet therefore some individuals use an organic staying power in order to sun exposure however in period most of us notices the outer skin deteriorating and the revitol anti aging cream.Just what exactly will we do in front of a complicated unavoidable organic procedure including aging and then we need revitol anti aging cream? Scientists, scientists and medical doctors work night and day to find the next most convenient thing inside anti-aging and today their own newest conclusions bond inside a type of the life cell cream. In the Switzerland laboratories, kollagen intensiv take the show (at least regarding today) using an item absolutely nothing short coming from impressive. Wrinkles, lines and wrinkles, dark spots, your skin will be young again.

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Journal Entry Essay Example

Journal Entry Essay In the article â€Å"Urban and rural students swap places to learn about different lives†, which appeared on on May 23, 2007, the issue of education and how students learn to overcome their differences through awareness. This particular news story deals with two groups of students from Alaska who are part of an exchange program to help bring awareness to students about the differences in the way each group lives. One group is from a tiny Eskimo village in Alaska, and the others from a suburb of Anchorage. Each group lives a completely different way of life despite the fact that they all live in the same state. The educators in this case felt that through the exchange program students could learn to appreciate the different ways of life that each lives and to learn more about the world around them and their neighbors. The rural teens were amazed at how many varieties of food there were in the supermarkets and how less expensive it was, and were amazed at the different s tores and even the indoor plumbing. The urban teens were shocked by the exact opposite in the rural village, yet they all learned to appreciate not only the way of life of the other teens, but to appreciate what is special about themselves and their life.I selected this article because it deals with education and how educators are trying to overcome some of the differences that exist in society and some of the social, political, and racial inequalities. Through the exchange program teens of different cultures get to learn about each other through their time with their host families and in the different area, and also get an education about people who are their neighbors, in a sense. The teachers responsible for this program are hoping to bring unity to Alaska and to connect it to classroom curriculum ranging from healthcare to economy. I was attracted to this story because it is a beautiful example of how education and understanding can lead to more acceptance amongst people of diff erent social groups, as in the case with the Eskimo children and the other Alaskan children. This is an important social issue because if more educators would adopt similar methods then we could foster more understanding amongst different groups within our own nation. This innovative approach shows a social solution that can help many other educators around the country if they were to implement this type of program to help children of different races, religions, income levels, and nationalities within our own country learn to appreciate and understand each other.Journal Entry # 2The article â€Å"Gold Star wives help a new generation of war widows† that appeared on on May 26, 2007 is an interesting look at the way that our own suffering can be a basis for helping others in similar situations. The article deals with the social issue of war and how it affects not only the people in the midst of the war but the wives, husbands, and children that are left behind by the me n and women who die in the war in Iraq. I was attracted to it because of the closeness to Memorial Day and the fact that is encourages people to reach out to others going through problems.This article is about a woman named Marie Speer who lost her husband in WWII and how she founded this organization called Gold Star Wives, which was established to help war widows in many various ways, from friendship and compassion, to helping lobby for benefits for the wives and husbands of those lost in the war. The women of this organization have all lost husbands to war and know how it feels, but instead of doing nothing they reach out to others through the organization. This is an example of how we as Americans, no matter what our thoughts on politics and the war, can use our own compassion to help others, no matter our situation in life. It also shows how, no matter the generational difference, some things, like losing a spouse in the war, can link us to those who dealt with similar things b efore us. The war in Iraq is a major social issue right now, politically, but the social impact of this is felt greatly by the spouses of the men and women fighting in Iraq. This article gives us a look at how we can come up with solutions to some issues by reaching out to people who are in pain. While this organization is not a solution to the war, it is a help to people.Journal Entry # 3The article â€Å"The First Steps† by Alex Tresniowski, et al, appears in the May 7, 2007 issue of People Magazine and is a look at the healing process that is happening at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, Virginia following the massacre that killed 33 students in Norris Hall on April 16th. This article is unlike many of the others because instead of dealing with the dark, brooding gunman or all of the mistakes and issues that led up to the shooting, it deals with how the students affected will take steps to heal and help create a better environment for all students on campus. This ar ticle was interesting to me because it was not just another doom and gloom article about the tragedy but point out what was being done right by the Virginia Tech students, faculty, and campus administrators to help the college heal. Violence has become such a huge social problem in our society and this issue was made even more glaring by this particular school shooting. The article’s look at the counseling being offered, the changes in the college, and most especially the way that the community, parents, and students are all reaching out to each other as a means of healing is incredible. It also shows how they are hoping to eliminate loners and outcasts like the shooter by reaching out to their fellow classmates in need. Instead of dwelling on the bad, they are looking for something positive to come out of the tragedy.I was attracted to this article because of the hopefulness that it leaves the reader with, especially concerning something as troubling as the Virginia Tech Mas sacre. This is such an important social issue because it is so prevalent in our nation and what makes people commit violence is still not really understood. It is hard to remember that out of the pain of such an event there can come something wonderful and positive, like a new spirit amongst people or a greater awareness of the signs of mental illness. Also, just simply being out to reach out to others. It’s relation to the social issue of violence also attracted me because that is such a large problem in our society, and the solutions given are interesting and uplifting.Journal Entry #4The article â€Å"Global Fund Saves 1.8 Million Lives† appeared on the website on May 24, 2007. The ONE is a new poverty campaign that aims at helping â€Å"to make poverty history†. Some new bills have been passed recently, including education-related issues, and it has become well-known in the press because of publicity gained from its appearance on American Idol and at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. in 2006. This particular article deals with the response from the American Congress and how much money they have given to the Global Fund in support of the various programs that are helping to end world hunger, poverty, and disease.In summary, this article is about the money grants given to and the Global Fund, both of which are dedicated to ending poverty, hunger, and disease in third-world nations around the world. Because of the insistance of and other organizations the United States has pledged hundreds of millions of dollars towards helping their cause and there has been some great progress, including many lives saved because of insecticides, medicine, food, and nets that help to protect people from the things that harm them in other countries.This story attracted me because I really feel strongly about ending world poverty and giving everyone in the world a chance at a good quality of life. I feel that we in th e United States are especially responsible for helping others who are less fortunate. The issue of poverty is an important social issue that is dealt with not only around the world, but in our own country as well; however, this article is especially interesting because it gives ideas on how we can help. The article talked about how just donating insecticide-treated nets to families with children can help to stop disease and that 3,000 people every day are saved just by this one program. One person can be saved simply by donating one net. It’s important to understand how we can get involved, even if we have limited means ourselves.Journal Entry # 5The article â€Å"U.N. Presses for Peace in Darfur† appeared on the Los Angeles Times website on May 27, 2007 and deals with the conflict in Sudan and how the U.N. is trying to create a change for the better in that country by encouraging peace within its borders. The article talks about the ongoing conflict in Sudan and the t ypes of terrible violence going on there, particularly amongst the militia and rebel groups. The article is about the U.N.’s push for Sudan to call a cease-fire and to start peace talks so that the violence can end. It also talks about the many peacekeepers who are proposed to go in and help create a more stable nation for the people who live there under violent conditions.The social issue that is happening right now in Darfur is critical. There has been genocide happening there fore years and many people live in refugee camps because their homes, land, and country have been filled with so much violence and war for so long. This article deals with the social issue of war, as well as poverty, and global inequality. The war going on there has created a global inequality unlike any other nation, and has caused so many people to descend into poverty and hunger. People are dying everyday because of the conflict and while the U.N. is taking notice they are not able to convince Darf ur to stop the violence and create a better nation for the men and women who live there.I was attracted to this article because it is about an issue that is really at the forefront of the minds of many right now because of the publicity it has gotten from celebrities and the media. This article also has some solutions in it that are interesting, pointing out what is being done by the U.N. to help bring peace to Darfur, including the unification conference between the African Union and the U.N. that has happened recently. While Darfur is still a social problem, the involvement of the U.N. in the peace process is encouraging.Journal Entry # 6The article â€Å"Trial set to begin in Mississippi civil rights-era case† by Jerry Mitchell appeared the USA Today on May 24, 2007 and deals with the case of a man who is facing charges for killing two African-American teenagers in 1964. In the past few years there has been a push in Mississippi to bring to justice former klansmen and othe r racists who killed civil rights workers and African-Americans during a time and in a place where discrimination was so abundant that no one would convict them. This case is one of these, and is an interesting look at how the justice system can be corrupt and yet, today, we can try to make things right.James Seale is 71 years old now, but in 1964 he was arrested and admitted to beating Henry Dee and Charles Moore, two black teenagers who were hitchhiking and picked up by a vehicle of klansmen, including Seale. They were beaten to death and then weighted down and thrown into the Mississippi River. Seale was arrested and interrogated and admitted to beating them and even admitted that God knew he killed them to an FBI agent, but told authorities they would have to prove it. In the deep south in 1964, he was never prosecuted and charges were dropped. Today, however, authorities in the South are looking to make right on the racial injustice that took place there by prosecuting the kill ers now in hopes of showing the world that the new South doesn’t let people go for killing another person just because of the color of their skin.This article attracted me because racial inequality has always been such a problem in the U.S. and the fact that so many people got away with murder in the South just because they killed black people has always haunted the nation. Now, as a social solution, prosecutors are setting out to change that by punishing these people now for the sins of the past in the hopes that the deaths of so many during the civil rights-era can be vindicated. The criminal justice system is looking past race in Mississippi and doing what is legally and morally right. Journal Entry Essay Example Journal Entry Essay The photographs of Ansel Adams can be considered impersonal—that of the ideal observer.   One example of this is the black and white depiction of the Moon and Half Dome (1960).   The individual is not actively engaged with the surroundings at all, but assumes a more passive role given the distance from the subject.   Looking at the angle, the sunlight reflected from the rock is contrasted with the moon overhead.   Given the relative lightness of the sky, it was obviously taken during the day.   The snow on the ground and the interaction of light and shadow illustrates the majesty of nature—a majesty that does not necessarily require a human observer.  Ã‚   Robert Franks, on the other hand, takes an approach he characterizes as friendly, â€Å"[denying] that picture-taking is in any way an aggressive act†(p. 123).  Ã‚   In the Americans, he photographs a black and white road in New Mexico stretching out to infinity (1956).   The light reflecting of f the road contrasting with the darkness on the sides illustrates the clear path the traveler must take to his ultimate destination.   The road is the only manmade structure in the photograph—an instrument that renders the world smaller as travel is quicker.   At the same time, it speaks of the vast emptiness of the desert road.   An expanse of land that could easily overcomes the spirit.   Sontag mentions the   â€Å"Photography is the paradigm of an inherently equivocal connection between self and world—its version of the ideology of realism sometimes dictating an effacement of the self in relation to the world, sometimes authorizing an aggressive relation to the world which celebrate the self†(p. 123).   This photograph clearly expresses it by the use of the traveler’s vantage point, and what a journey looks like to him. For the general public, photography is one of the most effective mediums of communication, to show, rather than tell a story.   No matter what level of education the viewer attains, the nature of a photo is such that it etches itself on the mind in a rather powerful way.   It is something that can be seen easily; one does not have to be literate in politics or letters in order to understand its emotional significance and the sheer reality it conveys.   Also, photography is unrivalled in its ability to capture discrete portions of â€Å"real time.†Ã‚  Ã‚   Susan Sontag mentions that the camera neither judges nor describes the subject†¦there is a certain lack of emotion in the photographic process†¦a form of a detachment if you will.   One example she submits for consideration is the comment of Sander, a German photographer, â€Å"’It is not my intention either to criticize or describe these people.’   Sander’s complicity with everybody also means a distance from everybody.   A cretin is photographed in exactly the same dispassionate way as a bricklayer, a legless World War I veteran like a healthy young soldier in uniform†(p. 61). We will write a custom essay sample on Journal Entry specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Journal Entry specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Journal Entry specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Because it is by and large a realistic medium, photography, more than any other art form, has been able to memorialize moments in history in powerful ways, whether or not the events are positive or catastrophic. In modern times, the photograph had replaced painting as an art form and eventually had evolved as an impartial witness to the world of human events, more immediate and more effective than any verbal account.   Amazingly, the photograph was never replaced by video, even though the video allows everything to be seen in sequence. However, with the invention of television in the post-modern era, the video feeds offered on the news would often be quickly forgotten since the human memory operates in a much more photographic manner, confining itself to a certain time or place.   The media would often capture the atrocities people inflict on one another every day displaying video feeds of racial skirmishes, international wars, and the smoking ruins of a city besieged by natural disaster.   Usually, the station would include a panoramic glance at the surrounding destruction.   Many stories like that happen every day at any corner of the globe.   Unfortunately, none of it seemed quite real to the witnesses.   After the liberation of the death camps in places such as Treblinka and Auschwitz, several photographs were released to the newspapers that would shock people all over the world. Cold, fatigued, and dying slowly of starvation these images showed how badly human beings suffer because of the depravity o f the few and the complicity of the majority.   These images tend to stay with the viewer for a very long time indeed. nbsp; The images in the Farm Security Administration-Office of War Information Collection are among the most famous documentary photographs ever produced, chronicling the lives of Americans during the Great Depression and World War II.  Ã‚   One of the most famous pieces in this collection was Dorothea Lange’s â€Å"Migrant Mother† series (1936), showing a destitute 32-year-old woman and her children struggling to survive in a hastily constructed lean-to.   This epitomized the hunger and economic desperation many others in the country were experiencing at the time.   As a propaganda piece, it helped to encourage voters to grant the government more power to implement large-scale social programs, including giving jobs to the unemployed farmers and tradesmen.   Perhaps these photographs were used to incite compassion for one’s fellow citizens and to get everyone thinking of solutions to the national problem.   During the 1930’s, there were many photograph s showing the apartheid of the American South separate entrances, hotels, drinking fountains and restrooms for â€Å"white† and â€Å"colored† people.   Perhaps it was a jab at the American claim of equality for all, or just the handy work of some curious Yankee tourists.   With the FSA photos, the Depression pieces were meant to spur the audience into action   (perhaps activism in government?) in highlighting the hardship of people who are very similar in looks and lifestyle to the target audience.   The photographs of Southern segregation look more like a National Geographic interests piece, showing the lifestyles of a foreign people.   There is greater distance from the subjects, which leaves the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions.   At the same time, Europeans subscribed to the Photomontage in art and propaganda.   Artists such as Salvador Dali and Johannes Baader would place well-known cultural symbols in a collage meant to reach below the con scious mind to convey a particular message.   In the case of the Photomontage movement, it was a left-wing, anti-war stance against World War I and fascism.   Modern commercials use a sort of moving photo montage to entice customers to buy.   The images by themselves make no sense, but when fused and linked to other media such as music, they take on a life of their own.   Those working for the government often used these techniques to incite an aimless population such as 1930’s Germany, Russia, and Italy. nbsp;

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Is Odysseus a Hero Essay Example

Is Odysseus a Hero Essay Example Is Odysseus a Hero Essay Is Odysseus a Hero Essay Is Odysseus a Hero? What is a hero? In my opinion, a hero is someone who accomplishes spectacular feats and puts others before himself. According to my definition, Odysseus, the main character in the epic poem The Odyssey, deserves the title of hero. This is due to three reasons; he is skilled in battle, ingenious and loyal. One way a hero accomplishes feats of valor is to have physical prowess, which Odysseus does. Odysseus’ skill in battle was shown throughout the course of the Trojan War, in which he was a military commander.To have survived the entire ten year war, Odysseus must have been very strong and battle hardened, else he would have perished due to his enemies. Another instance where Odysseus’ battle skills were shown was when he blinded the Cyclops with a spear. Not only did he have to be brave to take on the task, he also had the strength and skill to stab the Cyclops in the eye and blind him, ultimately allowed he and his men to escape. If Odysseus did not have the strength to plunge the spear all the way into the Cyclops’ eye, then he wouldn’t have been totally blinded as he was.Odysseus’ strength was exhibited when he strung the bow and killed all of the suitors in his hall after he returned to Ithaca. The bow was so hard to string, that none of the suitors could do it. Odysseus on the other hand, strung the bow without breaking a sweat. He then went on to punish the suitors for attempting to take his kingdom by taking their lives without suffering a single wound. This is the ultimate display of Odysseus’ skill in battle, which can be an instrumental part of being a hero. Being clever and ingenious is another way a hero, such as Odysseus, can accomplish extraordinary feats.A textbook example of the use of intelligence to accomplish a feat is the ending of the Trojan War with the Trojan Horse. Odysseus’ plan was so creative, that the Trojans had no idea that the horse could have been housing enemy forces. It is due to Odysseus’ plan that his forces were able to burn the city of Troy to the ground. Another example of Odysseus’ cleverness is when he told the Cyclops his name was Nhbdy. This way, when the Cyclops wailed that he was blind, the other Cyclopes would think that he was actually blinded by nobody, arousing no suspicion.If Odysseus had told the Cyclops his actual name, the other Cyclopes would have come to aid the blinded Cyclops, which would have been the end of the soldiers. When Odysseus disguised himself as an old man in his own house when he returned to Ithaca, he was definitely using his brain to his advantage. Had he tried to waltz in as himself, the suitors would have evicted, or even killed Odysseus in fear of him. However, Odysseus realized this and disguised himself so he would be of no interest to the suitors as he wasn’t a threat and was later able to retake his throne.Heroes have the responsibility of putting others before themselves and Odysseus does this on occasion by being loyal to his men. For example, when the Cyclops asked Odysseus where his ship was, he lied about its actual location. This is because he did not want to put any more men in danger than he already did. Had he told the Cyclops were his ship actually was, Odysseus’ soldiers could have been endangered but instead he took their lives into account. Another example of Odysseus’ loyalty is when he rescued his scouts from the Lotus Eaters.Odysseus could have chosen to leave the men behind, but he felt it was his responsibility to save them; he was putting their lives ahead of his and risked his own life for his men’s. Loyalty on Odysseus’ part was exhibited once again on the island of Circe. When Circe turned his men into pigs, he chose to stay with Circe and save his men rather than just leave without them. If he wanted to, Odysseus could have left his men behind and continued to Ithaca, but he was loyal and refused to leave the island without them.This proves that he valued their lives over his own and is therefore considered a hero in this regard. Through his skill in battle, intelligence and loyalty, Odysseus has proven to be a hero in all regards. In fact, Odysseus is referred to as a Greek Hero after all. If society didn’t find heroes fit to be looked up to, then there wouldn’t be stories written about them. In reality, heroes are the ones who uphold society for all others and we should be grateful for them.

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Reaction to Shrines and Temples of Nicco Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reaction to Shrines and Temples of Nicco - Essay Example The Shinto religious outlook of Japan embodies a unique concept as it emphasizes man’s relationship with nature. Mountains and forests are regarded as objects of spiritual worship and accordingly temples have been constructed in nature’s background. From very early days, the Nikko mountain has been worshipped in the country. During the late 8th century, Shodo, a Buddhist monk constructed the first temples on the slopes of the Nikko mountain. The Nikko temples gained further importance as a sacred shrine in the Kanto region during the end of the 12th century when the Kamakura Shogunate was established in the same region. Gradually, the temples and Shrines of Nicco became a symbol of national sovereignty. In 1871, the Meiji Government decided to divide the Nikko religious buildings site into three divisions representing three different religious groups. These were the Futarasan-jinja and the Toshogu of the Shinto faith and the Rinno-ji belonging to the Buddhist ideology. This decision involved the movement and restoration of certain buildings at the Nikko shrine1. The Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City in Beijing is almost like a statement of the power and grandeur of the Ming dynasty. The formal structure of the Palace is a reflection of the strong authority of the rulers of this lineage. The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest civilizations of the world and the Imperial Palaces of both Beijing and Shenyang are a testimony to that grand cultural heritage. The Forbidden City is located at the centre of Beijing, to the north of the Tiananmen Square. The Imperial Palace is now known as the Palace Museum, since UNESCO has converted into a world heritage site. The Forbidden City bears the look of a formal place. Most of the important buildings in the palace complex are symmetrically arranged and are built down the centre, north and south of the City. In